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Organizational contracts

Organizational contracts are ideal for schools/departments looking to train several individuals. This is a popular option for schools looking to train an entire team or departments looking to train multiple employees. Prices vary in accordance with the organization's needs. Each school/team/department will be given the opportunity to establish an exclusive training regimen that best suits their members. Contact for additional details. 

Group Rates

Group rates are available for small groups looking to take their game to the next level with their closet friends, teammates, or siblings. The group minimum size is 2. The group maximum size is 4. Ask about accommodations for larger groups. 

Group sessions will be conducted in a similar manner to individual sessions. However, session duration may slightly increase. Group members will be given the benefit of training together in one allotted time slot. One-on-one exercises will be substituted with a group activity. Only members of your respective group will be permitted to train together during your scheduled time. All parties of the group must remain consistent. Other clients cannot be swapped as replacements throughout the subscription duration. 

Contact for group rate pricing.

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